Fundraising For Phoenix Aid Centre

by Professor Alison Assiter

These are the pictures of me swimming in our 4-metre pool installed in our garden during lockdown. Normally I swim somewhere every day and this pool is a Godsend for me!! I decided, on the day that was set for the London Marathon, that normally raises money for many charities, that I would do something to raise money for Phoenix Aid Centre. So I swam, using only my arms, with my legs wrapped round the ladder, on the spot, the equivalent of 2.6 lengths of a 100-metre pool. (I know how many strokes I normally need to swim a length of a 25-metre pool so I multiplied that by 4 for one length of a 100-metre pool.). The marathon is 26 miles and people were asked to do anything imaginative either 2.6 or 26 times. I think that Phoenix Aid centre is doing important therapeutic work during the present crisis. 

Alison Assiter

– Thank you Alison very much for everything you have been doing for Phoenix Aid Centre. I truly appreciate it.

Kristina (Manager)