About Phoenix


Why Phoenix Exists

Phoenix is a place where we hope you can find Healing, Peace and Meaning in your life regardless of your race, gender, culture, age or attitude. We believe that the love and concern of a stranger can be immensely curative, and that each person deserves to feel cared for especially in difficult times. We believe that all of the psychological problems we face have the potential to have a positive transformative effect on our lives: that viewing troubling issues from a different perspective can enable us to accept them as valuable parts of ourselves and to see their influence upon us, not as a destructive, but potentially enormously creative force driving constructive change in our lives. This is what we have found in our own life experiences and observed during our many years of therapeutic practice.



Our Mission And Objectives

We aim to help you bring about a positive change in your life and to respect and value yourself as an individual. Phoenix provides a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential environment where you can be heard. You have the opportunity here, to explore personal issues that may be troubling you, and to express feelings, thoughts, anxieties and hopes. In this compassionate and secure setting, you may improve your understanding of yourself and enrich your relationships with others.

To this end, our mission is to assist you to:

Discover meaning in your own life
Approach your life with commitment and responsibility

Develop your self-awareness and understanding of others
Discover humane attitudes, respect and care towards yourself and others

Improve your self esteem and confidence to face troubling issues
Find practical and creative solutions to difficulties and conflicts

Learn to value yourself and your opinions, defend your principles and make good choices
Trust yourself and others and make sense of the past

Learn how to manage your daily life
Develop active and fulfilling relationships


How We Work 

Great importance is placed on a collaborative working alliance, so your openness, responsibility and commitment play a major role in the therapeutic progress.

Therapy is short or long term, based around 50 minute sessions and we tailor our theories and different approaches to your individual needs.

We begin with an assessment, and by introducing our philosophy and methods. We like to spend the first session exploring how we can best work together, and we regularly review therapeutic progress during the course of counselling.


We consider psychological issues in their personal, social and cultural context. Our Therapists are members of BACP (the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), and we implement ethical principles as directed by the BACP.


Research And Other Activities 

  • We offer individual and group supervision – the means by which Therapists regulate and monitor each other’s work.
  • We carry out research studies to contribute to progress in the therapeutic field and to maintain high standards in our own work. Our studies have included: multiculturalism in the therapeutic situation; anxiety in philosophical and psychological theory; an ongoing study on suicide in the UK Kurdish community.
  • We hold workshops on therapeutic topics and personal development, and can sometimes provide facilities for others who wish to do similar work educating the public.